Are you willing too meekly obedient?

Everyone loves power, especially women who love more than men in relationships. Generally, Domination is strictly a male prerogative. In old days, women’s role is too small in every home; feminism made a change for this. Dominating others is forcing to make them do but in a relationship, dominance is a pleasurable one. Nowadays females take charge in between couples. Male also love female dominance in sexual life. 

The sexual side of the word submissive means something else. It’s a descriptive term for a role that some people enjoy playing during sex, role play, or within their kinky relationship. The submissive partner can be either male or female. It is also possible for people to take turns being the submissive ones, which is known as switching. 


 It comes from the term dominant, which refers to a partner who takes charge during consensual sex acts involving power, pain, or humiliation. The dominant partner can enjoy heightened pleasure through the sensory explosion. If you are submissive to your loved one, definitely you both can get all the pleasure and none of the worries during intercourse. 

The possibilities are almost limitless once you realise you are submissive. Being submissive is more liberating than limiting. You can now use your abilities to assist and serve others. Identifying your skills and abilities is just the beginning. You can then study and improve yourself with items that focus your submission more on your partner’s benefit. Women relish the opportunity to employ their entire arsenal.

Make Your Submission Proud

It will improve your job, your heart, and your relationship if you take responsibility for your submission and cultivate a sense of personal pride in it. Allowing your sincere joy in helping others to radiate to those around you can lift both of your and their spirits. The desire to serve others is rarely refined enough in today’s materialistic and hurried environment to be of significance. Let your joy inspire you to look out for others as well as for yourself.

Every person has a distinct submissive personality. It is impossible to define submission in a broad sense because no two people submit in the same way. My habit, which I will keep on this site, is that a submissive is someone who serves in any capacity desired. Slaves are also considered submissives under this definition. While it is widely accepted that slaves and submissives are distinct roles, I’d like to combine the concept of service with both roles for this discussion.

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