Explore your sexual fantasies

Human beings are social by nature. They relate, interact and intimate, it is innate. But that is not enough and they have to satisfy a series of physical and mental needs. But not in any way.

And not everyone is the same. There are countless different ways to satisfy and enjoy physical relations. Between postures, touching some areas… Some are more difficult than others. That is why many people turn to sexy escorts in Sunshine Coast to make them come true and enjoy them.

What are fantasies?

They are defined as the representations of all the desires of the subconscious. All those longings and ideals that we internally yearn to make come true. 

Concretely, in the sexual plane, they can be of very different types. This is because, as Octavio Paz said: “In every erotic encounter there is an invisible and always active character, the imagination”. And it is the imagination that sets the limits. 

Types of fantasies

There are many variables that influence sexual practices and make each encounter unique and unrepeatable. That is why it is important to know yourself and know what your fantasies are to enjoy more pleasure.

But how to identify them? To do this it is important to answer several questions first, as if it were a journalist.

  • With whom: It can be a public figure, a neighbor or even an Exeter escort, the person who is the object of passion and desire. Whether or not they are unattainable, if they have that something that ignites the spark. It doesn’t have to be just a person. In fact, fantasies are usually diverse and with more than one.
  • Where: In the street, inside the house (in bed, kitchen, bathroom…), etcetera. There are countless places where many people dream of having sex. The best known are the gym, the office or in the elevator, for example. But there are some even more original. 
  • How: In what position, in a role-playing game, playing a famous scene from a movie? 
  • With what: There are many objects and accessories that can help raise the temperature of the situation. Some costume, uniform, erotic toy, lubricant, food… 

The most popular

There are an infinite number of very different fantasies. And with so many variations, it is easy to get confused and make mistakes when it comes to satisfying them. That’s why Skokka, an adult advertising portal available in 26 countries, wanted to delve a little deeper into the subject and reveal which are the most popular.

First of all, there are those related to physical characteristics. The typical MILFs (mum I’d like to fuck) are mothers or mature women who take care of themselves and dress up. Other examples are the teacher-student or BBW which refers to big and beautiful women. These fantasies depend on whether the sexual partner is more mature, younger, plus size, brunette, blonde or black among other things.

Secondly, you can find all those related to sexual practices. Some examples are dominatrix, BDSM, threesomes, happy ending massages or even sexting. All concentrated in some of the infinity that exist. Here we could also include the desires of some men to have relationships with other people that allow them to finish and ejaculate on any part of their body.

In third place are those related to professions, both real and feigned for the encounter. From military, nurse, doctor, teacher, mechanic, housewife… In addition, married people and the morbid story of the lover could be included. 

Finally, it remains to be mention all those fantasies related to the place where the encounter takes place. It can happen in a motel, with special atmosphere or characteristics; the personal home of one of the two protagonists of the sexual encounter, with as many opportunities (kitchen, shower, bed, table…); in the street, hidden; in the office, between colleagues; gym, between machines and sweat; and a long etcetera.

Identifying, admitting and confessing all the fantasies you have, helps a lot. Especially when it comes to satisfying them. In order to enjoy the pleasure of being able to star in it and live it after imagining it for some time. 

This can arise naturally, talking with your partner. Or even if you don’t have a spouse or you are ashamed to admit it in front of him or her, you can take the fast track that ends up being contacting a gorgeous independent escort in Faridabad to make the fantasy come true without feeling judged. 

That is why communication and understanding are very important. No two people and no two fantasies are the same. So, why not forget about embarrassments and complexes and share all those desires that everyone has? In this way you could increase the pleasure and fully enjoy sexual relations.


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