Lingam Massage – Ultimate Pleasure Massage

The lingam massage, which is sensitively and consciously taught at our seminars, is an effective massage for men to experience great pleasure, to feel accepted in their own masculinity, and to deal more consciously with sexual energies. This sensual art of touch offers men the chance to get to know completely new possibilities and paths, as well as to rediscover being a man and the potential of the male sexual organ.

Popular Techniques of Lingam Massage

  • The awakening of the lingam: like a ladder, your fingers slowly climb up the penis. Light pressure is applied selectively with each finger.
  • The corkscrew: the tasks are redistributed: one hand pampers the testicles, the other concentrates on the glans. Both massage in parallel with circular movements. With one hand, the glans is massaged in circular, screwing movements, as if you wanted to unscrew a bottle. The other hand grasps the testicles and massages them in the same rhythm.
  • The qi of the lingam: with this lingam massage, masseuses put both hands around man’s penis and then move the shaft up and down in calm movements. Professionals make light circular movements with your hands. The same applies here: there is strength in calm. It is not about letting it come, but rather that it does not come yet. So slowly and softly.
  • Make a fire: The penis is rubbed between the hands like a fire stick.

All the above-mentioned techniques it is easy to find at various local massage parlors. In Paris, locals enjoy the services of

What Do You Need for Lingam Massage?

  • Such a massage session can last up to three hours. Do not worry: sometimes 15 minutes is enough. That is completely individual. The focus is on the fact that man can let himself go. In any case, the most important thing for relaxation is that you do not have any time pressure.
  • A relaxed atmosphere. What does a partner like? Put up some candles, turn on soft music, dim the lights, and create a relaxed mood that both of you are comfortable in.
  • Massage gel: Get hold of lubricant or special oils for erotic massages. Scents such as sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, or orange have an erotic effect. However, ask your partner beforehand what they like.

Instructions For A Lingam Massage

  • The greeting: Even with an erotic massage, you start slowly. Masseuses explore a man’s body with your hands, but still, leave out the genital area. Slowly stroke your arms and legs and seek eye contact.
  • Continue with gentle touches around the partner’s penis. Slowly stroke up and down, making the movements bigger and allowing them to move towards the anus.
  • You can now switch between several variants of the lingam massage.

Other Important Points

The most important thing about such a massage technique is that your partner can let go and you too can relax. It is therefore important not to work towards orgasm. Rather, it should be delayed – in no way uncomfortably – by extending the message to the whole body in between. Then you can concentrate on the entire genital area again.

Do not forget the prostate – it is often not included, but it is an important pleasure center for men. They should entrust their entire genital area and let the hands of masseuses reach even unfamiliar places. The aim of such a massage technique is to release tension and activate sexual energy. After that, your partner will feel balanced, free, and incredibly familiar to you.


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