Tips for Couples in Need of a Sexual Recharge

Sex between 2 people in a couple should be the most fun part of the relationship. Surely, the best part of being with someone on a fixed basis means you can have as much sex as both of you want, and that’s amazing, right? Well, it might start off that way, but for some couples the fire can sort of die down as time goes on. It might then get to the point where they’re only having sex once in a blue moon, and even then it’s all painfully vanilla.

For those couples who are still happy, but want to reinvigorate their sexual adventures, here are some great tips to start the journey together:

1. Invest in Toys

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and both for men and women. Simple things like sexy handcuffs for couples, or perhaps vibrators, lubricants, ropes and ties, and the rest, can really add new dimensions to your lovemaking. Men in the relationship can sometimes feel uneasy with toys, but you can make them feel more at ease by discussing options with them first, and helping them realise that there are plenty of toys out there for men of all persuasions.

Toys can get quite expensive when you make a long shopping list of them. However, the dividends they pay in reinvigorating one’s love life can be priceless. You’ll likely spend far less on sex toys than you would otherwise on therapy!

2. Start in a Fresh Location

Changing your bedroom environment can do wonders for a tired sex life. This can come in 2 ways. You can jump start a new sexual odyssey with some time away in a romantic (or even a bit seedy, if that floats your boat) hotel. The fresh change of scenery is sometimes exactly what people need to get that spark back.

Alternatively, you can make changes to your own bedroom at home: a new bed, bedding, a new colour scheme, and new features in your bedroom or bathroom that are more conducive to sex, such as a larger walk-in shower, or a two-person tub.

3. Try New Positions

Remember that “missionary” is to sex what “vanilla” is to ice cream: there are plenty of people who enjoy it fine, but that doesn’t mean they want it every day. Start looking into new positions for you and your partner to try. If you’ve not tried different sexual positions before, then you haven’t experienced even a tiny fraction of the many ways that your body and that of your partner can be sexually stimulated and taken to new heights of ecstasy.

When exploring new positions, don’t get overly ambitious or adventurous with positions that are hard to achieve. If your current body shape limits you to the simpler new positions for the time-being, then start there. We don’t want any undue injuries!

4. Work on Foreplay and Kissing

Many couples think of sex merely as the “main act” itself, forgetting entirely about the joys of foreplay, kissing, and other physical affection. Foreplay can be very effectively used to create a heightened sense of anticipation and sexual excitement. It can range from physical stuff like touching and caressing, to verbal play like sexting and dirty talk. There are many who even point out that the buildup to sex using foreplay can quickly become the best part of the whole experience!

5. Role Playing

Finally, one of the reasons couples lose their spark is because they have come to know each other so well, and everything has become comfortable and predictable. That’s good for many aspects of your relationship, but it can be a killer for sex. If that is a problem, then try spicing things up with role plays in which you once again become strangers to one another. It can help to recreate that spark that initially brought you together.



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