How to Give Your Partner a Sensual Massage?

It is extremely difficult to find such a person who would not like a massage. It can be of diversified types and is aimed not only at restoring and improving the body but also for getting pleasure. In addition, gay massage has been gaining popularity lately. By the way, if you are searching for a parlor offering gay massages of full body, SweetTouch massage agency in Valencia is willing to please you with such an erotic service. There are some exceptionally hot and skillful masseurs whose hands will give you heavenly pleasure.

When selecting a gay massage option at the SweetTouch parlor, a professional massage plus total relaxation are guaranteed. In fact, gay massage is based on classical, Spanish, Thai and a number of other manipulations, at the end of which, using special techniques, the client is brought to orgasm. As a result – complete removal of physical and emotional stress, improvement of mood, and well-being.

What Should Be Taken into Account while a Sensual Massage?

A favorable atmosphere is extremely important for a successful massage: it leads to the more intense relaxation and the awakening of sensuality.

  • A session can be held at any time of the day, the main thing is that both participants are tuned in to erotic massage.
  • The room should be warm: the effect of the massage will be reduced to zero if the partner gets cold. It is easier to achieve a feeling of comfort in a partner from the very beginning than to try to warm him up and bring him into balance later.
  • Experts recommend doing such manipulations in silence or with pleasant and relaxing music. Also, it is recommended to turn off mobile phones in advance.
  • Direct and bright light will be distracting, so it is better with side lighting, or candles – this contributes to greater liberation and relaxation.
  • A comfortable surface is also required: sufficiently hard and with a pleasant coating.
  • Related products. The use of essential oils is an integral part of the massage. The oil should be chosen in accordance with what effect you wish to achieve.

The Scheme of the Sensual Massage Performance

While performing gay massage at the SweetTouch parlor in Valencia, the staff used to follow some certain scheme of the procedure. Thus, it is done according to the following steps:

  1. After taking a shower, you will be asked to take all your clothes off and lie down on the prepared surface.
  2. The masseur will start massaging your body in a very gentle way to give it some time to get used to his touches and feel the necessary relaxation.
  3. After that, he will smoothly move to the shoulders and neck through stroking and rubbing. No physical effort is needed because this is not a wellness massage.
  4. Next, the masseur will go to the shoulder blades. With light pressure movements, he will move from the spine to the buttocks, rub your back.
  5. Lots of clients have their erogenous zones in the prostate zone. Therefore, the masseur will take care of this part exceptionally attentively and sensually.
  6. After that sensual part, he will gently caress your breasts in a circular motion and walk his hands along the abdomen to the thighs.
  7. The next is massaging your inner thighs and then moving on to massage your feet and legs.
  8. The most sensitive area will be given proper attention at the end of the session when the excitement will be at the highest point.
  9. And at the last stage, you can expect the logical end of the massage session – a super incredible orgasm.

Every step of this sensual therapy will get you more and more excited. Thus, this erotic adventure you will never forget!


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