Top 5 Cam Fetishes

Fetishism is a sexual interest in particular things or body parts. Those who experience this attraction are called fetishists.


These four rather rude letters contain a whole subculture based on the psychophysiological dominance or subordination of one of the partners. At the same time, it is closely connected with things, which makes this sexual aesthetics close to the concept of fetishism.


In the modern interpretation, cuckolding is a fetish. Cuckolds are not only aware of the adventures of his wife, but also watch sex. It is essential that in the process the observer feels like a victim. Cuckold cams are about submission and humiliation. It puts the woman in a dominant position – she controls both her husband’s orgasm and her partner’s choice.

Role fetishes

It is a whole group of fetishes, the essence of which lies in the role model. This can include medical, military, teacher, secretarial fetishes. The cover is different, but the essence is the same: a person experiences a vivid sexual attraction only if he sees that his partner is playing out of himself.

Foot fetish

Relying on statistics, the most typical fetish among men is women’s feet and legs. Foot fetishists are turned on by everything that has to do with the feet – foot playing, petting, just the sight of bare feet. Widespread proposals from foot fetishists include:

  • licking of the toes
  • massaging lotions, creams, oils into the feet;
  • foot petting;
  • touching feet with sex playthings.


Bondage is mistakenly accepted as part of BDSM games. It is a separate fetish that you can observe on Humiliate.Me site. You can use any improvised items – stockings, ropes, adhesive tape. But the best thing, of course, is to get special props – handcuffs and a silk scarf. Moreover, handcuffs with fur will be much more convenient than usual ones.


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